Exterior Painting Process

Stage 1: Preparation

Preparation is the foundation of durability and                      appearance

  1. Power Wash home top to bottom using Heavy-                 Duty Power Washers to kill any mold & mildew

  2. Cleaning all dirt & foreign debris from windows              producing a sparkling, clean fresh shine!

  3. Professional Carpenter handles needed repairs

  4. Removing any hardware and shutters

  5. Scrape & sand loose paint,prime or spot-prime                   new & raw wood with proper primer as needed

  6. Using different types of Bonding / Stain killing               Under-Coaters, when needed in each situation

  7. Professionally caulk & putty any cracks & holes

  8. Restore windows with strip, dust, re-glazing as              needed

  9. We use rubber backed drop cloths and plastic                       to cover landscapings and other exterior items

  10. Masking off windows with tape and thin plastic                           if and as needed

    Stage 2: Application

    Using Superior Paint products, allowing for the                        best possible appearance and durability

  1. Apply thick uniform paint film with our Master                 Sprayman,rarely equaled in skill & knowledge

  2. Professionally apply a finish coat on remaining                  trim, siding and shutters using full strength top                 Quality paints

    Stage 3:  Clean up, touch-ups and inspections

    We remove trash and debris and return work area                   back to it’s original condition

  1. Remove protective coverings from landscaping                    and other exterior items & recycle empty cans

  2. Also properly recycling of all paints / materials

  3. Reinstall all hardware,shutters

  4. Perform final Inspection and Touch-ups if need

  5. Eric Levinson Painting Company is all about Highly skilled 100% AMERICAN Craftsmen Painters. There are many Raleigh, NC. Painting Companies & Painting Contractors in the Greater Raleigh, NC. area but very few painters are prepared to do their very best and even fewer are capable of producing the Craftsman results, Our Professional painters here at Eric Levinson Painting Company do loyally for each exterior painting project.It”s very important that you’re dealing with an honest and very knowledgeable and caring Painting Company with painters that you can feel good about! Our professional American Painters are about Capabilities,Trust and Integrity- As you deserve nothing less!   Eric L.

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